The race of the classics

What is the “Race of the Classics”?

“Race of the Classics” is a prestigious sailing event that takes place annually and is known for its impressive field of student participants. This event, also known as the “Rees,” brings together student teams from different universities and colleges for a challenging sailing race on classic sailing ships.

When the starting gun sounds, the ships shoot out of the harbour like arrows, obeying the force of the wind and the skill of the crew. It is a breathtaking sight to see these majestic ships compete side by side, with the sails full of wind and the water splashing under their bows.

The race takes participants along scenic coastlines and across the open sea. During the day, teams compete to find the best course, and at night they spend the night watches, with only the sound of lapping waves and the creaking sounds of the ship as companions.
And just as importantly, during stopovers, students can meet other teams and enjoy the hospitality of the ports they visit. It is a unique opportunity to develop both sailing skills and interpersonal skills.

Ultimately, the “Race of the Classics” is not only a battle for who is the fastest on the water, but also a celebration of friendship, adventure and the timeless appeal of sailing on classic ships. It leaves a lasting impression on the participants, who cherish not only memories of an intense race, but also lifelong love of the sea and sailing.