Introductory weekend

Kiel Tiessenkai, Kiel, Duitsland

Danish South Sea Sailing Adventure through the Danish South Sea! Join us as a solo traveler! Do you long for the feeling of freedom and adventure on the open sea? Then our sailing journey through the Danish South Sea is just the thing for you! We offer you the opportunity to explore the beauty of […]

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Introductory week (September 16)

Kiel Tiessenkai, Kiel, Duitsland

On board: Mon. 16.09.2024 at 10 a.m. in Kiel -Thiessenkai (D) From board: Fri. 20.09.2024 at 4 p.m. in Kiel -Thiessenkai (D) Price per person: €750 p.p. A single cabin is charged with a surcharge of 50%. Discover the Danish South Sea and the surroundings around Fyn - actively participate and enjoy! Experience an adventure […]

Introductory weekend (September 20)

Kiel Tiessenkai, Kiel, Duitsland

Weekend Taster Discover the fascination of sailing - Weekend taster on the traditional ship "Iris" for solo travelers! The "Iris" is a lovingly crafted sailboat that combines the charm of bygone eras with modern comfort. Weekend Taster for Solo Travelers: Are you traveling alone? No problem! Our weekend taster is specifically designed for solo travelers […]

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