group travel

Sail with family or friends

Rent the entire ship

Rent the entire ship for unforgettable multi-day trips with family, clubs, and friends!

Ready for a journey at sea? Come aboard our sailboat, which you can book for your very own journey. Experience quality time with your loved ones, friends, or club members and discover the freedom of sailing on a customized multi-day trip.

Active sailing and community experiences:

On our ship, you can actively participate in the sailing operation and even take the helm from time to time.

Plenty of space to relax and enjoy:

Our ship offers you ample space to fully savor the sailing experience. Relax on deck, listen to the soothing sound of the sea, enjoy the gentle rocking, and let your soul unwind. For social evenings and entertainment, our spacious salon is ideal.

Suitable for a trip with family or friends:

  • Comfortable accommodation in cozy 2-person cabins
  • Spacious deck and salon
  • Full-board options for communal dining or self-catering
  • Active participation in sailing operations
  • Opportunity to explore the surroundings