encounter wind and water…

Do you want to learn to sail?

Have you always wanted to learn to sail and wanted to find out if you like it?
No problem!
Our trial trips are tailored specifically to individual bookers.
Make new acquaintances and experience the fascination of sailing in good company.
Sailing on the traditional ship “Iris” offers you a wonderful mix of activity and relaxation. You will be involved in sailing activities on board and can set sails, trim sails, operate the steering wheel, determine position and much more. You will also learn the basics of traditional seafaring. In addition, you have many opportunities to feel your freedom far away from everyday life.
In between sailing activities, you can enjoy the sea and coastal views, read a book, chat with fellow sailors or simply enjoy the tranquility and sea breeze.
There will also be time for shore leave in the afternoon and evening hours. You are welcome to explore the ports you visit and the surrounding area on your own.

The balance of activity and relaxation allows you to experience sailing in all its facets and spend an unforgettable time on the water.
It is a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, enjoy the beauty of nature, clear your head and get to know previously unknown perspectives.

When and want to book an Introductory week?