FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

and answers!

Do I need previous sailing experience?
No, everybody is welcome!
Is there an age restriction?
Children/young people under the age of 18 must travel accompanied by an adult. There is no other age limit! Age doesn't matter, everyone is welcome.
Is the ship barrier-free?
No, sorry!
Can I bring my pet?
No. Because there are people with an animal hair allergy, we would like to keep our ship allergy-free for everyone.
What language does the Crew speak?
German, Dutch and English
Is there WiFi on board?
No. Since June 2017, it has been possible to surf and call with a mobile phone at home rates in all countries of the international community, as well as in Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In Denmark, the same conditions apply as if your smartphone were registered in the home network (ask your contractual partner if necessary).
Do I need to exchange money (Denmark)?
You can usually pay by card in Denmark. You can withdraw Danish kroner from any ATM. You can often pay with euros and get Danish crowns back
Do I need a passport/ID?

Yes. There is an identification requirement (also for children). Depending on which countries we are going to, a passport is required (for example England)

Is there a fixed route? Can shore excursions be planned in advance?
All trips, including crossings with different departure and destination ports, are dependent on weather and wind. It is therefore not possible to determine in advance which ports will be visited.
How much time you have at which location on which day is determined by the crew on board
Are we at sea all the time?
As a rule, you will be in the harbor in the evening. The crew, in consultation with the guests, tries to anchor at least once per trip. The crew tries to find a balance between sailing (time on the water) and exploring the land.
Transfer tours are excluded (see itinerary). At sea the proportion is considerably higher and sometimes sailing takes place at night.
Is bedding provided?
Yes. Bed linen is included.
What kind of clothes should I bring?
Layers are recommended. This way you have the right clothing for every weather situation. No special equipment is required. Raincoats are also useful in the summer. Please note: Storage space on board is limited. And make sure you wear comfortable shoes with a non-slip sole.
Bag or suitcase?
A bag! Because it is easier to store. hard suitcases are impractical on board and take up a lot of space.
What should I bear in mind when planning my arrival and departure?

It is your responsibility to plan your arrival and departure independently. Check your travel dates carefully, note any time changes, and make sure there is enough time for connecting flights. Possible platforms for travel planning are:
Sky scanner: Make sure you select the right flight dates and check possible stopovers and the duration of layovers. Make sure you allow enough time for check-in and security checks.

DB Planer: Check the departure and arrival times of your trains. Be aware of possible delays and allow for time buffers, especially when changing trains or making connections.

The platforms serve as a tool for information and booking, but planning is the responsibility of the user.